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Becoming a Leader

with Cory Lee

Levels of leadership.

Today the guest is Cory Lee, CEO and Founder of Cory Lee Leadership and host of the Podcast Principles with Cory and Logan...

Cory is a business coach, speaker, and trainer. He previously worked in the Physical assistant background, and later pivoted from physical therapy to coaching once he experienced a great burnout. He owned 2 physical therapy clinics and 4 gyms. Now he focuses on mentoring others and teaching them leadership skills. Cory believes there is gold within every individual.

Learn more about Cory Lee, his previous and current career and much more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.


If you are on this page it is probably because you heard Josh Elledge and me talking on his podcast, THE THOUGHTFUL ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST.

I hope you had as much fun listening to us as I did talking with Josh. What a great host and I am always impressed with the ideas, resources, and wisdom shared on his podcast.

Being intentional about living our lives and making a lasting impact is a big theme of mine. It's important for everyone in all areas of life: business, spiritual, health, family, & finances. 

Some of the ways I empower entrepreneur men is through one on one coaching, our mastermind groups-Legacy Builders, and digital products.

Below you will find two complementary assessments that I know will add a ton of value to you.

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Legacy Builders

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If you are looking for an UNBIASED TRUSTED BOARD OF ADVISORS to help take you to the next level and to destroy the enemy of isolation I invite you to apply to be a Legacy Builder. Join the other driven men who have made the commitment to live a life of significance.


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Immerse yourself with Leadership, Personal growth, and Kingdom principles with

The Cory Lee Show

Immerse yourself with Leadership, Personal growth, and Kingdom principles with

The Cory Lee Show