The Tactical Leader Podcast

Structuring a Team

with Cory Lee


Now that you know what it takes to being a leader, we will now get down and gritty with more detailed processes. In this ... episode of Tactical Friday, we are welcoming back Cory Lee to share with us the structure in working and growing with a team. We will learn about the power of multiple perspectives and having a complete structured system whenever we hold meetings. 

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 4:02] Opening Segment
  • I welcome back today’s guest, Cory Lee
  • Cory’s walkthrough and process
  • Application process
  • Phone call
[4:03-9:33] Power of Masterminds
  • I talk about vulnerability and accountability in working with people
  • The power of ten minds coming together
  • Ten different perspective which gives a better picture
  • Opportunity to meet new people
[9:34 - 14:13] Process Behind Meetings
  • Green, yellow, and red light system
  • Green means good, yellow means an idea is brewing, and red light means something needs to be done ASAP
  • Monthly book reading forms the theme
  • Growth seat
  • Brings the topic and other people contributes
  • Ends with a challenge
  • Cory talks more about the book “Extreme Ownership”
[14:14 - 16:03] Closing Segment
  • How to find Cory Lee
  • Links below
  • Final words


Tweetable Quote: 

“The power of ten different people with ten different perspectives, and you bring that together, it gives you a better picture.” - Cory Lee 

Resources Mentioned: 

You can connect with Cory on FacebookInstagramYoutube, and LinkedIn. Download his personal assessment test and spousal survey from

Guest email: [email protected]/

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Immerse yourself with Leadership, Personal growth, and Kingdom principles with

The Cory Lee Show

Immerse yourself with Leadership, Personal growth, and Kingdom principles with

The Cory Lee Show