Front Row Dad Podcast

Let Kids Struggle

with Cory Lee

A southern draw, big life experience and a heart of gold, my guest today, Mr. Cory Lee shares deep wisdom about the importance of ... letting children struggle, along with
  • The “let them catch you challenge”
  • Helping kids see the power of their words
  • How to empower kids to step up
  • How Cory felt about his dad leaving home when he was 3 years old
  • Do you want the WHOLE world to know you, or YOUR world to know you?


“When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.”
- John Wooden

“God uses me as a son and now he’s loving and patient and I’m trying to be loving and patient as well with my kids.”
- Cory Lee

“Failure is not an enemy, it is a lesson to be learned.”
- Cory Lee

“If someone can make you sad, glad or mad, you’ve been had”
- Cory Lee


  • Tom Schwab
  • John Maxwell
  • John Wooden
  • Andy Andrews


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Cory Lee is an entrepreneur, business builder, and leader developer. He was trained and mentored by the world-renowned leadership expert John Maxwell and is now an executive director with The John Maxwell Team.

In 2012 Cory and his wife opened their first business, a physical therapy clinic located in a town of only 1,100 people, Within 5 years they were billing over $2 million per year from that one location and had opened and successfully sold 2 physical therapy clinics and 4 gyms.

Cory is an accomplished speaker and is often invited to speak and train employees at companies looking to develop a culture of leadership.

He also provides individual leaders with opportunities to maximize their own growth through one-on-one coaching and mastermind groups. Cory is most passionate about helping entrepreneurs navigate business growth but not at the expense of their faith, family, and fitness.

When he isn’t helping companies and individuals grow, Cory can be found spending time with his family. Cory and his wife of 14 years Kimberly reside in Mississippi and have 3 children: Colton (9), Kendall (6), and Brady (4)

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